House of Ping


Li’s Coffeehouse is the coziest coffee spot in Amsterdam. True coffee lovers and PONG guests come together in this gorgeous coffee place. Is your interest in the restaurants & bar industry a perfect match for our fast growing catering concept and are you social, passionate about coffee and a ping pong fan? Keep on reading! 



Li’s Coffeehouse is our brand new coffee place, it’s part of PONG – House of Ping. Li’s Coffeehouse is located at a beautiful location at the Jan van Galenstraat 315; the new location of PONG – House of Ping and next to the Mercatorbad. At Li’s Coffeehouse we want to offer a unique experience where sports, games, coffee, good food and an enjoyable atmosphere come together. Our guests are very diverse; from younger people to eldery, people who just worked out, played at PONG or had a swimming lesson at the Mercatorbad. Furthermore, we have a large terrace where everyone can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and our sandwiches. Since Li’s Coffeehouse is completely new, we’re looking for a Barista King or Queen who wants to join our team full time. At Li’s Coffeehouse you have the freedom to wear whatever you want, as we feel it’s important to express yourself the way you want to. Our team consists of young enthusiastic colleagues who love providing great hospitality to our guests and have fun. We created an informal working space for our employees where you can work and where we’re interested in listening to your ideas about how we can improve and expand Li’s Coffeehouse together. Moreover, you don’t want to miss our staff parties! 






As our full time Barista you’re responsible for our brand new coffee place. On a working day at Li’s you’ll be busy with providing coffee and other drinks, training our team and teaching them your Barista techniques. Moreover, you’re in charge of the whole coffee place. Meaning, you have many responsibilities and you can think along about how we can make a big success out of Li’s. This gives you the possibilities to give your own spin to our coffee place. In essence, you will be cooperating with our management team to make Li’s Coffeehouse a great success! 



  • Work at the coffee bar and manage the team that works at Li’s Coffeehouse.
  • Day-to-day management activities, like placing orders. 
  • Think about how we can serve the best coffee (which grinder, coffee maker, coffee beans, etc. we will be using). 
  • Organizing team workshops to teach the Barista skills to the rest of the team.
  • Work closely with the management team of PONG. 


  • Familiar as a Barista. You have a true passion for coffee, the restaurants & bar industry (and ping pong) and know all the tricks of the trade (+3 years of working experience in the restaurants & bar industry and +1 year experience as a floor manager or shift leader). 
  • Very organized – you can keep order and work in an organized way. 
  • Social – meeting new people gives you energy. 
  • Teamplayer – you enjoy working with other people, but you’re also capable of making your own decisions.
  • A leader – you’re good at managing people in a pleasant way. 
Indoor ping pong
Ping pong bar amsterdam



  • A full-time position with 32-40 hours per week.
  • The possibility to work at a fast growing catering concept with many career opportunities.
  • Lots of room for your own decisions. You can contribute and your opinion is very much appreciated. 
  • Lunch.
  • A pleasant working atmosphere where your team feels more like family than colleagues. 
  • Endless fun work drinks and the opportunity to improve your ping pong skills! 


Do you want to become a member of the PONG family? Send an email to Maas Kienhuis: If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.